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Client Testimonials

Given the highly confidential nature of the market research industry, we are honored that our clients have shared the following testimonials:

“I can’t say enough about the competence, accuracy, and detail-orientation of Leslie and her team at Mindseye. As a brand consultant, I have worked with Mindseye on many projects over the years, and have found them to be consistently fantastic, not only in the delivery of precise data, but also in their client-first orientation and spectacular client service. Leslie has created a standout research company in a very crowded field.”

Lisa Craig

Brand Consultant, Northern Magnolia

“It is comforting to work with a research company that treats you like you are the only customer they have, when in fact I know your group is heavily sought after for research support.”


Consumer Quality, Durable Goods Client

“I have a short list of providers that I will consider when faced with a particularly complex research issue and Mindseye tops it!”

Senior Research Manager

CPG client

“Mindseye’s client service is excellent from beginning to end, and beyond.”

Senior Research Manager

CPG client