Industry Experience Business Issues Researched Fieldwork Services Analysis & Reporting
We apply customized and leading-edge, yet proven, analytical methods to address your specific business issues. Our in-depth analysis provides a clear understanding of the results. We offer relevant suggestions for next steps, and often formally present the results to top management and/or cross-functional stakeholder teams.
Our seasoned statisticians apply multivariate statistics in practical and user-friendly ways to strengthen the research story.
• Benefit/support optimization
• Concept and product elements optimization
• Copy/message/communication optimization
• Package optimization
• Correlation/regression
• Product guidance maps
• Product optimization
• Choice modeling in competitive context
• Derived importance of purchase drivers
Shelf Management
• Line or product bundles optimization
• Volumetric TURF
• Clustering
• Monadic
• Choice modeling
• Preference/conjoint
• Trade-off modeling
• Attitudes
• Occasions
• Behaviors (CHAID)
• Benefits/Need states
Market Structure
• Clustering
• Factor analysis
• Importance-Performance and Need Gap Assessment
• Correlation/regression models
• Perceptual positioning
• Structural equation models

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