Case Studies
Strategic Consulting
Drink in the Competition
A large-scale comprehensive study of adult beverage drinkers uncovered new insights about awareness, attitudes, consumption and purchase in the category, with emphasis on how the client’s brands fared versus competitors.  The sample consisted of a general market group (via Internet panel), as well as a robust sample of acculturated and unacculturated Mexican Americans (via in-person intercept). The analysis identified and targeted promising segments, determined drivers of brand choice, and profiled the equities, strengths, weaknesses, and barriers for key brands. The results were used to develop client brand strategies and key marketing activities. 
Traveling in the Right Direction
A leading online provider of travel services wanted to expand its share of the domestic family travel market.  A trip-based segmentation study was conducted to understand the underlying structure of the domestic family travel market - attitudes, behaviors, needs, barriers, and expectations – and explore opportunities for better addressing the demands of its current and potential customers.  The questionnaire was quite comprehensive and collected detailed information for up to five family trips taken in the previous 12 months.  Importantly, the consumer segments identified in this research were ”sized” using US population demographics and historical sales data in order to target their marketing efforts toward those segments with the greatest dollar volume opportunity.  The results of this research were used to develop new and improve existing products and services in the domestic family travel segment. 
Identify Yourself
With a solid grasp of the client’s product category as a backdrop, Mindseye was commissioned to profile the competitive landscape.  Thirteen key competitors were examined qualitatively for all that could be found in the public domain - advertising, website, and published media articles.  Mindseye team brainstorming sessions developed a comprehensive profile of the essence of each brand – heritage, positioning statement and functional and emotional profile, target audience description, etc.  The results were used to assess the competitive positioning of the client’s brands and to ensure that their benefits and identities were differentiated, defensible, and compelling vis a vis the competition.
Set the Bar
Mindseye partnered with a global beverage client to establish the ongoing protocol for conducting concept product tests in a highly regulated industry that is challenging to taste test.  Several years later, the client and Mindseye continue to partner on all CPT projects, benchmarking the results against the normative database that Mindseye built and continues to maintain.  Significant new product decisions are made based on this research and its performance against the database hurdles.

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