Case Studies
Source of Business
Out with the Old, In with the New
A series of research studies in a personal care category was conducted to anticipate the impact of extensive restaging of the client’s brands in the future.  The studies were designed to estimate shifts in unit volume and dollar share under different restage scenarios, with the objective of identifying those scenarios having the greatest likelihood to increment volume and share with the least amount of cannibalization.  Packaging, positioning, advertising/promotions, new product introductions and presence/absence of current products were all tested using a simulated purchase methodology and realistic store shelf stimulus.  Cannibalization and source of business dynamics were of particular interest.  The client was able to pursue the most promising scenarios for lifting sales, with solid diagnostics about the likely effects on the restaged brands and their competitors.
The Price is Right
Several choice modeling and pricing studies among veterinarians and dog owners were conducted to optimize product features, promotion and pricing, and to determine share and revenue under a variety of market scenarios.  A computerized simulator allowed the client to easily model the effects on the market of changes in pricing, features, and availability of their products versus competition. 

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