Case Studies
Choice Modeling/Conjoint/Pricing
Shelve the Competition
Household product packaging restage study was conducted using shelf impact methodology – assessing competitive store shelf context, simulated purchase exercise, multi cells to test different prices, and package styles and sizes.  Winning scenario was roughly validated in subsequent BASES study.
The Price is Right
Several choice modeling and pricing studies among veterinarians and dog owners were conducted to optimize product features, promotion and pricing, and to determine share and revenue under a variety of market scenarios.  A computerized simulator allowed the client to easily model the effects on the market of changes in pricing, features, and availability of their products versus competition. 
Read Between the Lines
An experimentally designed conjoint-based research approach was employed to systematically identify the strongest concept elements with which to position a small durable product, including benefit and support points, descriptors and tag lines.  A model quantified the impact of each copy variable on interest in buying and isolated the most compelling copy point combinations.  The results were used to develop concept and advertising copy for restaging this product line.

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