Case Studies
In-Home Use Test (IHUT)
Difficult Recruitment Made Easier
A leading manufacturer of sportswear was interested in determining opinions of its target audience (male and female college students) toward a new garment.  This can be a challenging age group to recruit using traditional channels.  A high level of commitment was also paramount as respondents had to agree to wear and wash the garments at least two times over the 2-week test period.  Creative recruitment methods included: on-site recruitment in student cafeterias at three local college campuses and flyers distributed on cars in campus parking lots.  Recruitment of 250 college students was completed within one week.  Compliance with the study requirements and the after use callback rate exceeded expectations.
Bring it Home
A household cleaning product was placed for extended in-home use with respondents identified from Mindseye’s local panel of testers.  Products were tested for 8 weeks during which respondents were required to return to our facility four times to drop off and pick up “supplies.”  They also completed a fairly extensive diary after each time they used the test product (averaging daily or more often).  We achieved virtually 100% compliance and 100% return rate (callbacks and return appointments).  The usage study was followed by focus groups with selected participants to brainstorm on product ideas.
Not Just Another IHUT
Mindseye partnered with a major manufacturer of durable goods to create the protocol for a program of pre-launch IHUT research for new and redesigned durable goods.  The results are used to give technical feedback to the engineers about how the products perform in real world in-home situations, allowing problems to be corrected and performance strengths to be identified prior to launch.  The extended use in-homes can last from a few months to over a year.  A meticulous recruitment process ensures high quality respondents (phone screen, preview homes for suitability, obtain signed contract from husband/wife).  Participation requires respondent commitment to home visits, training, changing usual habits and practices, compliance with sometimes unusual product usage instructions, using special auxiliary supplies, multiple interviewing contacts, (qualitative and/or quantitative as needed) and an ongoing troubleshooting dialogue with Mindseye and client representatives.  Mindseye’s response time and quality of response (24/7) are paramount priorities.  Respondent retention over the course of a study is virtually 100%. 

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